How To Add Recycle Bin On Your Android

Android recycle bin

create recycle bin in android: Hey Fellas! As we all know that in Windows there is a feature which we called called as Recycle bin and we all know that whenever we delete any file accidentally we can recover that file easily by going in to recycle bin. But in Android this feature is not available because it is based on Linux based kernel operating system. You can’t get that old file which you have deleted accidentally so if you want to add that feature in your device, you can add it easily by downloading application which is called as Dumpster. You don’t require root your device or any sort of xposed module download the app and you are ready.

Android Recycle Bin

How To Add Recycle Bin On Your Android

Dumpster is available on Play store from which if you accidentally delete your file or any application, Dumpster saves it, and whenever you have to restore that deleted file you can easily restore it by opening the application this is very simple and easy trick and no need to root your device as well as Xposed module too. Now whenever your file has been deleted you can get it easily by opening the application. You can add all the file format such as image, Video, music, documents, compressed etc.

Features of Dumpster

  • Restore deleted files almost all the formats
  • No Root required
  • No internet connection required
  • Recover uninstalled application
  • Restore files with single tap
  • Preview Deleted files and folders
  • Share files into Dumpster by clicking on share button
  • Scheduled auto clean to delete all data after specific date
  • Protect your privacy with special lock on application

How To Add Recycle Bin On Your Android

Android Dumpster Image & Video Restore

  • Open the application and click on I Agree
  • Now, select the data which you want to store in the application.
  • Now, the application is ready whenever you will delete any file it will automatically appear on the dumpster.

Now if you need any help shoot a comment below and keep visiting on the site for more tricks like this and now never loose your sensitive data and easily restore your data. Thank you for visiting.

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