How To Create / Modify WhatsApp In Your Own Language

Modify Whatsapp

WhatsApp is the largest online messaging application and you might have seen many other WhatsApp application which are in Hindi or any other languages. Have you ever thought how do they do that? You might be thinking it requires PC or Laptop. But believe me it doesn’t requires any deep knowledge in the Android programming. You just need a mobile phone with one application installed and you are ready to do editing.

Modify Whatsapp Language

With Apk Editor you can do many tweaking in your mobile phone. You can even do changes with the application settings and change the name of your WhatsApp with this application and you can replace it with your name. I have done alot of changes with the WhatsApp but after this your WhatsApp will work like WhatsApp plus it means that if you will share this WhatsApp to your friends he needs to uninstall the old WhatsApp and then try to install the WhatsApp which you have given to him.

When the WhatsApp Plus came in the market There was dream of mine to edit the name the real owner who was Ralfanse and then I wanted to put my name in the settings, I tried many of the applications and did lots of compiling and decompiling of the application but I didn’t got anything some days back I found one application from which I can really do settings and do changes in the application.

Whatsapp Language Modify

Before doing editing and tweaking I asked my professor that is it possible to put my name on WhatsApp so he said me a big no. He said me that the source code of WhatsApp is hidden from his users and they never gives their source code to anyone so I asked him so how WhatsApp plus, GBWhatsapp and all other came on internet? So finally found this application and todaylets start tweaking your WhatsApp with own language

About Apk Editor

If you are really interested in tweaking and editing of the application you are going to learn something really good with this application and no need to learn Android programming for tweaking this application. You can even do changes in package name for example you can use unlimited number of same application which are offline and you require root for that application.

How To Create WhatsApp In Your Own Language

  • Firstly download a fantastic application apk editor from here – Google Play Store
  • Open the application and Select APK From App

edit whatsapp language

  • Now select the WhatsApp application from the list
  • Now click on application and now click on Full Edit
  • Wait till the resources get build and now search for the settings you want to change for example I have to change WhatsApp about tab
  • Check the original WhatsApp settings and check what has written in about tab and search the keyword according to the application
  • Search Keyword as Whatsapp Messenger from the application
  • Change the line which is written as WhatsApp Messenger and edit it by your name
  • Click On OK and Now click on Save
  • Wait till the process is all done wait for approx 2 minutes
  • Now click on Install if the application is not getting installed so just delete the old WhatsApp and install the new one now
  • Now click on the about Tab in WhatsApp
  • Boom! Now you can edit the settings given in WhatsApp and save it.

Final Words

I have just edited whatsapp about setting, You can do this editing with this application and create the WhatsApp in your own language by this application and show off with your friends. Now no need of rooting your mobile phone and share this WhatsApp with your friends. Keep visiting and stay tuned for more offers if any issues shoot comment below. Thank You for visiting.

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