The Best Photo Stick for Android Phones (2022 Reviews)

best photo stick for android phones

A photo stick is a device that can access the files and documents on your phone and save them as a backup in its storage. When you don’t have enough space on your phone memory, you can use a photo stick as external phone storage. It serves the same purpose as thumb drives, so it can be called one, and it looks like a flash drive.

There are many photo sticks to choose from, which can make your buying experience quite draining. In this article, we will focus on the best photo stick for Android phones in terms of quality, affordable prices, and other features that separate them from others.

The Best Photo Stick for Android Phones

1. Vansuny 128GB Type C Flash Drive 

Vansuny is a technology company that deals with reliable digital storage devices. The flash drive is a memory stick you can use to store pictures, videos, and other files. It has a simple and compact design, making it easy to store. It also has a loop on the side where you can hang it from.

The flash drive is made from an aluminum alloy material. It is compatible with various devices like your smartphone, PC, tablet, MacBook, etc. To use this USB memory stick, all you need to do is plug it in. It can work smartphone to smartphone or smartphone to laptop.

This dustproof memory stick has two ports – a type C port and a USB 3.0 port. You can use it on multiple devices to free up space and have your important files stored safely, where you can easily access them.

The default format of the USB flash drive is exFAT, which makes it perfect for Androids as it is easily recognized. It doesn’t require downloading an app or any activity other than plugging it into your compatible device. Once the jump is recognized, you can begin transferring photos, videos, and other files of any size.

Transfer of files works within seconds, and the flash drive has up to 128GB of memory storage space. You can use it for a long time without the storage getting full. You can even transfer the photos, videos, etc., on the flash drive back into your Android phone.


  • The photo stick is affordable
  • It has a lot of storage


  • It can stop working from time to time

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2. Picture Keeper Connect 128GB Flash Drive

This 128GB memory capacity flash drive is made by the Picture Keeper. Just as the company’s name suggests, the product is designed to keep your pictures on a safe device to free up space from your smartphones, PCs, etc. But it’s not just photos you can save on the flash, you can also store videos, audio, and other files.

The flash drive has various ports suitable for various devices. It has an Android micro USB port, a type C port compatible with Android devices and Mac, a port that connects to desktops and the last one connects to Apple devices.

If you have different types of mobile devices, you do not need to buy separate flash drives. There are different steps to backup files to a picture keeper USB. First, plug in the flash drive to your device. Next, open the free app and tap on “start backup.” Within seconds, the flash drive will begin backing up your important files.

You can stop backing up whenever you wish, and the next time you plug the flash drive, it starts from where it stopped the last time. Even though you need a free app to backup, you do not need any software installed, WiFi, or a paid subscription. A helpful tip is to sign up for monthly email reminders to backup your files.

The pictures and videos you have saved from your hangout or Facebook app can also be stored on the drive. Your files will still show on your device even after backing them up until you decide to delete them. Note that the flash drive cannot save photos directly from Facebook and other apps. They have to be saved on your phone first.

You can also use the USB memory stick on more than one device to store files without it running out of space. The app will show you the folders where your backed-up files are.


  • You can use it on more than one device
  • There’s a free app to access stored files


  • You have no control over which photos are backed up
  • Photo stick drains the battery during long backups

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3. iDiskk MFI Certified 256GB Photo Stick 

iDiskk is a brand that provides various high-quality technologies to make life easier. Its 256GB memory capacity can store your photos, videos, and audio for a long time without getting full.

The flash drive is designed with different ports, including USB 3.0, lighting, type C, and micro USB. It has high-speed transfers that work within seconds.

It has a lot of versatility. For videos, it is compatible with DIVX, AVI, RM, RMVB, TS, VOB, FLV, MP4, 3Gp, MKV, etc. For photos, NEF, GIF, TIFF, TIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, etc. For documents, DOC, DOCX, PAGES, PDF, HTML, KEY, TXT, etc. For music, the flash drive is compatible with MP3, M4A, AAC, CAF, FLAC, etc.

This 4-in-1 external storage thumb drive allows you to backup and store important files with more than one device. When you need to access those files, all you need to do is plug the compatible port into your device. You can simply transfer files on the flash drive from one device to another by plugging the stick in.

This small storage device can easily fit into your pocket, desk, or bag. However, due to its size, it can easily get misplaced. But, you don’t need to worry about your privacy being breached because the iDiskk MFI-certified 256GB photo stick allows you to create a passcode or use Touch ID, which means only you have access to whatever you store on the USB drive.


  • Up to 18 months warranty period
  • MFI certified
  • Its design consists of metal materials which makes it durable


  • It copies data randomly

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4. Wansenda 3-in-1 128GB USB Flash Drive

Wansenda designs technology products at affordable prices. Their 3-in-1 128GB USB flash drive has three ports suitable for Android devices. USB type C, USB 3.0, and USB 2.0 (micro USB port).

It is suitable for smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy and other Androids with any of the compatible port types, and you don’t need any third-party app to use it. It comes in purple and has the types C and USB 3.0 ports visible. To access the micro USB interface, you need to raise the USB 3.0 port.

There are two methods to transfer files to the memory stick. The one that will work best for you depends on the Android you’re using. The first method requires you to plug in the drive to your device. A symbol that indicates the USB has been recognized comes on. Go to “file management” and select what you want to transfer.

The next step is to click “move” or “copy” and then select the folder you want to hold the files you’re copying and paste them there. A notification will give you the option to back up the files to the USB or remove the flash drive. You may need to slide down your phone’s home screen to get the notification.

The second method involves you plugging the memory stick into your device. All you need to do is slide down your home screen, and you will see a notification that shows you the USB drive has been recognized. Click on the notification to see your folders.

Choose the files you want, select “move to” or “copy” and then slide down your home screen again to get a notification that allows you to back the files to the USB flash drive.

Either method will work for your Android and if you’re still having trouble, make sure your device supports the OTG function or contact the Wansenda customer care line.


  • It is compatible with a lot of devices
  • Easy to use


  • No feature to detect duplicate files

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5. Sunany 256GB USB Photo Stick 

If you’re looking for a way to free up space in your device without losing your photos, videos, audio, or other files, the Sunany USB photo stick can help you backup your important data. It has up to 256GB memory storage capacity and all you need to do is transfer your files and access them at any time.

The memory stick has four different ports to fit many devices. The iOS port works for iPad and iPhones, the type C interface is compatible with all type C devices, the USB port works for PCs, and the micro USB port is compatible with Android devices.

You can plug the USB flash drive directly into your phone and take pictures which will automatically get saved there. If you want to share files with family, friends, or on social media from the drive, you can do without transferring those files back to your phone.

The material of the USB stick is aluminum alloy. It is approximately the size of lipstick, so you can take it anywhere. To ensure your data is completely safe, you can use a Touch ID and a password to protect sensitive files. Before using the flash drive, you have to make sure your Android supports the OTG function then, you can begin saving files at 80 megabytes per second.


  • You can directly share data from the USB flash drive to social media
  • It has multiple ports
  • Easy to use


  • You need a third-party app to access your files

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Things You Should Consider Before Getting the Best Photo Stick for Android Phones

1. Usability

Many photo sticks are suitable for iPhones but not for Androids. Before you buy one, make sure you can use it on your specific device. It is best to get a photo stick that can work on two or more different devices to save you the problem of buying multiple USB flash drives.

Photo sticks vary according to device type because each device has different ports (a space dedicated to connecting other devices), and only the port available on the flash drive can work on your phone. iPhones and other Apple devices, for example, have lightning connectors, while Androids can have USB micro-B or other USB connectors depending on the smartphone.

2. Price

Photo sticks are essential to some people depending on their line of work. They can have simple features or complicated ones, and for this reason, their prices differ. It is best to choose a photo stick that you can afford. It doesn’t matter if its features are simple – if it can perform the specific tasks you want, buy it.

3. Capacity

This is perhaps the most essential factor to consider when buying a photo stick. Unfortunately, we can’t give a number and say it is the most ideal memory storage capacity. Many people require photo sticks for work, so the memory capacity they need will differ from someone who only wants to back up personal photos. The important thing to remember is that no memory space is ever too much.

4. Compatibility

Another important element to consider is if the photo stick is compatible with the file type on your device. Audios, documents, photos, videos, etc., all have different file types. Make sure the photo stick you choose is compatible with the one on your device.

Also, the features on the photo stick should be able to suit your needs. For example, if you want to store photos, contacts, and videos simultaneously, do not settle for a photo stick that can only perform two of those tasks. Many photo sticks, like the Picture Keeper 128GB flash drive, can do all of those.

5. High Transfer Speed

Some photo sticks take a long time to back up files, but you want to invest in one that works within seconds and doesn’t have problems freeing up your device space.


If you want to preserve precious memories and other files, you should invest in a photo stick that will keep them stored in a safe place and free up space on your Android phone. We’ve reviewed the best photo stick for android phones, so you never have to be concerned if you’re getting good value for your money.

For more tips to help you manage your android phones better, read our collection of articles.

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