The Best SD Card for Samsung A12 Reviews: Worth Buying or Not?

best sd card for samsung a12

If you use your Samsung A12 for high-volume tasks such as pictures and videos, there’ll come a time when you need to get an external SD card to use with your phone. The downside is that there are so many on the market that it’s hard to know which one to get.

To ensure you get the best value for your money, we will give you a comprehensive guide on choosing the best SD card for Samsung A12 phones in this article. Note that this guide can also be useful when selecting SD cards for other Android devices.

What are SD Cards?

Security Digital is a type of memory card with a high storage capacity that you can use on your various portable devices such as cameras, phones, PDAs, music players, etc. You can remove the SD card, whose basic function is to read and write large amounts of data.

Important Terminology to Look Out for

Two SD Card

1. MicroSDXC

Memory cards have similar sizes and shapes, and you may not be aware that there are four different formats of SD cards, all of which have features and functions that vary.

MicroSDXC is one of the types of memory card formats. There are many things that separate these formats of memory cards from the other, and we will talk more about them later. But one major distinction is their storage capacity.

MicroSDXC has a storage capacity of 32GB to 2TB. This format only supports devices that are microSDXC compatible. So even though the SD card will fit into the card slot of your phone, it will not be able to perform any other function as long as they are not compatible. Phones like the Samsung A12 can receive microSDXC memory cards.

Another memory card format is the microSD which has a capacity that reaches 2GB. It works with older Android phone models compatible with the format. MicroSDHC has a capacity from 2GB to 32GB. Devices that work with SDHC and SDXC memory cards can use it.

The last format and the least popular for phones is the MicroSDUC which can hold up to 128TB of storage. You need a device compatible with this format before you can use it.

2. Write Speed/Read Speed

Write speed is what determines how fast the data can be written into the SD card. When you want to copy a file to an SD card, the amount of time it will take you to do so will be displayed. Read speed refers to how fast data can be read from files stored on the SD card. The faster the read speed, the shorter the time it would take to copy a file.

Because of their capacity, different types of memory cards have various write and read speeds. So the larger the storage capacity on the SD card, the shorter the time it will take to read/write data.

3. C10

In SD cards, it is common to see a circular symbol with C10 (or other numbers) written inside it. The sign tells you what speed class the memory card has. There are four different types of speed classes.

The first speed class is C2 (class 2), with a minimum speed write of 2MB/s. The second type is C4 which has a minimum write speed of 4MB/s. Then there’s the C6 which has a minimum speed write of 6MB/s. The last and the highest speed class is C10 which has a write speed of 10MB/s.

Note that these numbers are the minimum speed rates, so those are the smallest measurements you can expect of these classes.

4. A1/A2

Application Performance Class is a speed rating to specify SD cards that can handle large amounts of data simultaneously.

These ratings are there because SD cards need to be able to keep up with the data you store because if they can’t, they crash. So the A1 and A2 symbol you see on the card tells you beforehand if they can keep up.

The A1 has a 5.1 specification. You can use it to store documents, videos, photos, audio, etc. Since it can withstand large amounts of data and is not sluggish when reading or writing it.

It has a minimum random read of 1500 IPOS (Input-output access per second) and a minimum random write of 500 IPOS.

A2 symbolizes a 6.0 specification, and it has a higher performance. It uses the function of command queuing and cache. It has a minimum random read of 400 IPOS and a minimum random write of 2000 IPOS. Both classes have a sustained sequential write of 10MBytes/s.

SD cards that have this symbol are perfect for mobile phones with applications. Because some applications have random data, a card that can quickly read and write random data in seconds needs to be available.

5. U3

The symbol U3 signifies the UHS speed class. Ultra High Speed (UHS) is the minimum speed for sustained writing performance for recording videos, especially 4K videos requiring an SD card that can write fast.

There are two UHS speed classes. There’s class one which has a minimum of 10MB/s write speed. You can see it on the SD card as a U with the number 1 inside. The second UHS speed class is a sign which shows U with the number 3 inside. U3 has a minimum of 30MB/s.

6. UHS-I

The UHS bus speed above indicates an SD card’s maximum read and write. Unlike the UHS speed class, the rates are not sustained. UHS-I has a maximum read speed of 104MB/s, and UHS-II has a read speed of 312MB/s. It suits microSDXC and microSDHC memory cards and is compatible with only SDXC and SDHC devices.

7. Card Adapter

The Best SD Card for Samsung A12 Reviews Worth Buying or Not

You can use a card adapter when you want to use your micro SD card in a device (like cameras, computers) other than your phone. You can put the memory card in the card adapter and place it inside the device.

8. V30

V30 is a symbol that signifies the Video Speed Class, which allows 4K, 8K, or multiple video streams. On the SD card, you see it as V, followed by any of the numbers under the video speed class.

There are five video speed ratings which are:

  • V6 (Video Speed Class 6) minimum write speed of 6MB/s
  • V10 (Video Speed Class 10) minimum write speed of 10MB/s
  • V30 (Video Speed Class 30) minimum write speed of 30MB/s
  • V60 (Video Speed Class 60) minimum write speed of 60MB/s
  • V90 (Video Speed Class 90) minimum write speed of 90MB/s

Note that the video speed class uses UHS-I and II bus memory cards. UHS-I bus is only compatible with V6 to V30 speed class, while the UHS-II bus interface can support the V6 to V90 speed class.

9. 4K/8K Videos

4K video is an ultra-high definition horizontal resolution video of 4000 pixels. It is the opposite of an HD video with a vertical resolution of 1080 pixels.

8K videos, on the other hand, are the highest UHD resolution with a width of 8000 pixels. It is the successor of 4K resolution videos.

The Best SD Card For Samsung A12 Phones

1. SanDisk 512GB Extreme microSDXC 

SanDisk micro SD card is a class 10 extra storage card for storing all your important files on your Samsung Galaxy A12. When you put the microSD card in your Android device, music, audio, photos, and other files can go directly into it rather than the phone’s internal memory.

The SD card can accept 4k UHD videos, large-sized files, and documents without reaching maximum capacity. It is perfect for Samsung Galaxy A12 and other Samsung models too.

It is a 512GB capacity card to which you can transfer files if your phone has limited memory. It has up to 160MB/s read speed. It is why it is compatible with the Samsung A12 because the device is capable of reaching the read speed.

It is also rated an A2 card because of its performance. It reads up to 90MB/s write speed, which allows it to shoot fast and perform other tasks in a matter of seconds.

The design of the micro SD card allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions so it won’t get ruined in the rain because of its waterproof feature. To get access to more features that interest you, you can download the SanDisk memory zone app for file management on Google Play.


  • Compatible with a wide range of devices, including phones, games consoles, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras
  • High-speed read-write rate


  • Limited lifetime warranty

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2. SanDisk 512GB Ultra microSDXC 

If you’re running down on space on your Samsung A12 and need extra storage to hold your important files securely, the SanDisk 512GB Ultra microSDXC is a great card for storage. It is a budget-friendly microSD card that allows you to create extra space on your device by transferring your files.

It is a class 10 micro SD that can read up to 120MB/s, which means you can transfer up to a thousand files in less than ten minutes. With it, you can shoot your HD, which you can move to the card. It is a UHS-I memory card that comes with an adapter.

This microSD card serves as extra storage to free up phone space. With it, you can easily access your folders and load apps faster with its A1-rated speedy and efficient performance.

It is the perfect memory card for your Samsung A12 because it can save any video with ease, and the device is capable of reaching the reading speed the card provides, unlike other Android phones, which can’t.

It is also compatible with some tablets or MIL cameras.


  • Usable SD card on other devices
  • Simple features that make it a great pair with mobile devices
  • Worth its value


  • Read/write speed cannot handle 4K video recording

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3. SAMSUNG EVO Select Micro SD Memory Card 

The Samsung Evo select micro SDXC memory card has up to 512GB storage capacity to hold your pictures, videos, and audio files. It is a card compatible with the Samsung A12. It has a card adapter, so you can use it on other devices.

This micro SD card creates space in your device’s internal storage by storing all the files which you can easily access. It is an ultra-fast quality card that can read up to 100MB/s and 90MB/s. You can directly store large files on it or record and play 4K UHD videos without glitches or running out of space.

The Samsung SD card has four-proof protection, which protects it from water, airport X-ray machines, extreme temperatures, and magnets.


  • Fast read and write speed
  • Four-layer protection against environmental hazards


  • Limited options on where you can purchase them

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4. Netac 512GB Micro SD Card 

You can use the Netac memory card as external storage to free up storage space in your Samsung Galaxy A12. This class 10 quality card can read up to 100MB/s and write 30MB/s.

This microSDXC card is a convenient option for saving all your important files. You can also use it to watch and record HD and 4K ultra HD videos, which are known to take up space in a phone’s internal storage. But due to its 512GB storage capacity, your Samsung Galaxy A12 will never have to run out of phone space.

You can get the card at an affordable price to preserve all the memories and important data on your phone. It has an A1 performance class and is also compatible with other devices like tablets, security cameras, etc.

You don’t have to worry if the card falls into the water because it is waterproof. Also, it has protection against airport X-ray machines, extreme temperatures, and fire.


  • Compatible with other devices
  • It has a high speed/read rate
  • It has a protection layer


  • It doesn’t have a card adapter

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5. Samsung EVO Plus

This Samsung microSDXC card has a maximum speed read of 100MB/s. It acts as extra storage to free up your device memory.

You no longer have to worry about filling up your phone’s internal storage because, with the card’s 512GB capacity, you can store up to 24 hours of 4K UHD videos and watch them on your phone without glitches. You can also store up to 150,000 photos and other files.

The Samsung EVO Plus is a class 10 speed class, and it comes with a card adapter.


  • Ten-year warranty
  • Doesn’t glitch
  • Affordable
  • Six-proof protection against environmental hazards
  • Can work with other devices like game consoles, cameras, etc


  • Needs a Samsung reader to reach the speeds advertised

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a USB flash drive also function as an SD card?

You can use USB flash drives and memory cards to store data, but one major difference is that USB drives are used for backing up files and transferring files from one device to another. On the other hand, SD cards are placed inside a device, serving as additional storage to keep data. With memory cards, you do not need to take them out of the device or share the data you stored with another device.

Can an SD card last forever?

No, they are not designed to last more than five years. Most manufacturers will give you a guarantee of a ten years lifetime, but the truth is, you cannot measure how long an SD card will last. If you’ve been using a card for a long time, you should transfer your files to a newer one because you never know when it might crash.

How much internal storage does the Samsung Galaxy A12 have?

The Samsung A12 has an internal storage capacity of either 64GB or 128GB.

Do I need a memory card for my Samsung A12?

It depends on the number of files you have on your phone. Your Samsung A12 has a large internal memory, but since it’s an Android, that space can get full quickly. Getting an SD card for your phone is a great idea, so you do not lose any important files. The Samsung A12 can use an SD card with memory space of up to 1 TB.

How do I put the SD card in my Samsung A12?

The first step is to remove the card holder from the side of the phone, then place the SD card in the space with the same design as a memory card. Make sure it fits perfectly into the frame, then slide the card holder back into your phone.

Is the Samsung A12 only compatible with Samsung SD cards?

No, it is not. As you can tell from the review above, the device is compatible with other SD cards. However, the microSDXC cards can read and write data rapidly on the A12.

Do I need to change my SD card often?

No, you don’t. As long as the card has enough storage, and reads and writes data efficiently, there’s no need to change it.

In what ways can my SD card get viruses?

One of the ways is if you transfer files infected by viruses to the card. Also, visiting sites that are affected by different viruses can be one of the ways. Another way your SD card can get viruses is if you put it in a device already containing a virus.


SD cards are important in storing your treasured memories and essential documents. However, you need to be sure you’re getting the best SD card for Samsung A12 phones so that you don’t lose your files. You can choose any of the memory cards we’ve discussed to serve as external storage. They are all readily available at an affordable price.

For more helpful tips and reviews for your android phones, read through our collection of articles.

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