How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on Android?

how to text someone who blocked you on android

Can you still text someone who blocked you on Android? There are several loopholes available to break the blocking barrier and notify the Android receiver. Here is a complete breakdown of how to text someone who blocked you on Android including social media messaging.

How to Confirm if Your Number Has Been Blocked on an Android Mobile?

It is best to first confirm whether the receiver blocked your number or if the delivery system is at fault. There are some tell-tale signs of either of the two. Here are a few of them:

Ring a Bell

If you have been messaging the receiver for many days and there is still no response, it is time to place a call. If the person you want to contact has blocked your number, one of three things will happen:

  • The call will be rejected right away. The minute you place your call, it will end or will beep to show an error.
  • If the receiver’s voicemail is set up, the call will transfer to voicemail immediately with the beep sound coming through.
  • In case voicemail is not activated, the call may forward to an automated voice telling the number you have dialed is busy or not available at the moment.

It is important to note that calling again will not help because the receiver will not get any notifications of the calls. Also, voicemail messages from blocked numbers do not go through to the receiver.

Change the Text Settings

By default, you will not know if the text message has delivered to the Android receiver. But by tweaking the settings, you can receive more intel. Open the Settings menu of your messaging app and enable the Delivery Reports. If every text message shows as undelivered, the receiver has blocked you.

Use WhatsApp

WhatsApp application on smart phone

WhatsApp is one of the most famous personal text messaging platforms connected by a phone number. Blocking a phone number does not block the number on WhatsApp so try and send the receiver a message. If you see double ticks, the message is delivered to the receiver.

Will an Android Mobile be Notified of Your Calls and Messages When You Have Been Blocked?

No, an Android mobile will not receive notifications of your calls or texts if the receiver blocked you. The receiver can read the messages by going to the settings menu. As for the calls, they will appear on the main menu but will not ring a bell or display a missed call.

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on Android?

Now that you have confirmed the receiver blocked you, we can help you work around it. There are a few loopholes available to work around the barrier and none of them are tech-heavy. Here is a basic rundown of the best options you have available always:

Text on WhatsApp

The easiest way to check and send a message to the receiver is via WhatsApp. It is easy to use and has many customizable features available. It also has a variety of accessible settings.

If someone blocked your phone number but not on WhatsApp, the message will go through. It will show two tick marks (unless they do not have WiFi). If your number was blocked on WhatsApp too, the text message will display a single tick mark and an empty profile picture.

Try Random Number Generators

There are several apps on Google Play Store that provide private anonymous numbers. They differ according to the region and allow you to send a text over to the receiver. The message is not only delivered, it is also notified to the receiver.

Applications such as textPlus, TextFree, and TextMe are safe to use and easy to understand. Make sure the application you use does not need personal information other than the country name. This could risk a bigger problem for your safety.

Use an Anonymous Texting Service

Woman Typing Phone Message


Sometimes your phone storage may not have enough room to allow third-party number-generating apps. In cases like these, try to use websites with anonymous texting services.

They are for one-time use, work great, and are reliable. Not to mention, they are safe and free. They do not need much information other than the receiver’s phone number. Once the process is complete, write and send the text message and hope for the best.

Can You Text Someone on Social Media Applications if Your Number is Blocked on Their Mobile?

Yes, there are ways to send a message on social media apps if the receiver blocked your phone number. A DM (direct message) should go through even if you connected your number to the platform. If it does not, the receiver blocked you from there too. Here are some ways that will work.


Powered by stories and private messages, Snapchat is the go-to hub for youngsters. The best way to request a release is to create a new Snapchat account and add the other person through My Contacts. If you still can not seem to get a nudge back, leave it be.

The safer version of the request would be to ask a mutual friend to message the other person on your behalf.


If you have confirmed the receiver blocked the number, there are two easy ways to send a message to the person for certain.

One, enlist the help of a mutual friend and ask them to intervene in the feud. Ask them to create a group with the three of you. This way you bypass the block barrier and your message will go through to the other person.

Two, if the group does not work, go to the Settings menu and write down the personal details of your account. This can include the number and email used. Then, from the Account tab, delete your account and reactivate using the details written down. The current chats will be restored and you will be unblocked.


Like other social media applications, Instagram refuses to deliver DMs to an account that has blocked you. This is true even if their account is public. A simple way to handle it is to create another account and message the receiver.

You could also try messaging the other account from a mutual friend’s Instagram and hope for a reply. Please make sure to be friendly and polite. This is because your account could face reporting or a ban for violation of privacy.

Instagram does not notify the receiver of messages from a blocked account nor is there a hidden path to read them. This is why we recommend the above tactics.


woman hand holding phone with app messenger on the screen

Messenger has three indicators for sending a message. An empty white circle means it is unsent. A circle filled with a tick mark means the message delivered to the receiver. And a colored circle with a tick mark or the other person’s profile picture means the message was received.

If you are blocked by someone, you will not be able to send them messages or receive them. There is no workaround.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the message say ‘delivered’ if I’m blocked from texting someone’s number?

No, the text message will not be delivered to the receiver nor will it notify you of the successful delivery. Instead, there will be an error message that says ‘Message Not Delivered.’ This is a sign the receiver has blocked your number from their mobile.

Can blocked messages still be read on Android?

Yes, in some newer Android mobiles like Samsung A7, you can still see blocked messages but not receive a notification. This means that if you block a phone number and they message you, you can read it by going to settings > block messages. It will not appear on the main menu unless replied to.

Can a text be sent anonymously?

Yes, a text can be sent anonymously through third-party applications like Text Me, TextNow, or textPlus. They are available on Android and iOS. Such applications provide you with a random number or a private number. Through this, you can send and even receive messages without revealing your identity.

Final Thoughts

While it is helpful to know how to text someone who blocked you on Android, remember the receiver may need space or time. Keep the message’s tone light and polite. This way, you will be messaging each other in no time.

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